Mindful movement: mastering your hidden energy by Sang H. Kim

By Sang H. Kim

Mindful move: getting to know Your Hidden Energy is a consultant to invigorating your inner Ki power circulate via a special series of 12 routine (MBX-12) concentrating on the 12 meridian power channels. MBX-12 brings jointly conscious circulation and deep respiring to create an energetic type of relocating meditation.

As you study the routines that make up the MBX-12 regimen, you are going to strengthen an figuring out of the mindfulness perform ideas of consciousness, centering and unencumber. Sang H. Kim introduces the routine of MBX with step by step perform advice, focal issues, self-assessment standards, well being purposes and precise reasons of the way conscious circulate impacts your internal power circulation. you are going to additionally study thirteen MBX Mudras, symbolic hand activities that turn on the 6 meridians within the hand and impact strength circulate around the physique.

through the e-book, brief readings introduce you to the 4 pillars of power transformation: mindfulness, flow, breath, and meridians. for knowledgeable mind-body practitioners, MBX-12 is a superb complement to different conscious move perform equivalent to Yoga, Taichi, and Qigong. MBX-12 integrates your relocating physique along with your breath, redirects strength circulate alongside the 12 meridians, and unites the brain with all within the current.

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As you feel more comfortable, begin to put the postures together in sequence. It is not necessary to do all twelve postures at first. Take your time and build up to the complete MBX-12 sequence. As you learn the movements, revisit the descriptions to refine your understanding. Pay special attention to the focus points for each movement, especially as you become more experienced and can give your attention to the finer points of mastery. The instructional photos that accompany each movement are the ideal postures, however, it may not be possible for you to perfectly imitate every movement.

Attention may be brought to a passing train, a flying bee, the smell from your kitchen, the music on the radio, your back pain, a friend’s wedding, a bill that needs paying, a car accident, your weight, sleep problems, a promotion, your children... The quality of your attention affects the quality of your life. Studies show that those who experience a heightened degree of self-focused attention are more likely to suffer from psychological dilemmas and pain. On the other hand, those who give their attention to others and the world around them are happier and more appreciative of their lives.

We adapt to change, the loss. We process the information of the loss and emerge with a new self as a result of the communication between the body and brain. It is innate, natural, and organic. This is the very definition of stress resilience. In summary, we undergo constant self-therapy as an adaptation, progressing towards our greater self, the embodiment of the unity between the body and mind. The term ‘essential energy’ is used in many Eastern cultures. It is known as chi in China, prana in India, lung in Tibet, and ki in Korea and Japan.

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