Medical Astrology by Eileen Nauman

By Eileen Nauman

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Now, not everyone is meant to bench press 500 pounds, but all people, from children to the elderly, both men and women, from any demographic or walk of life, may reap incredible benefits from lifting significant mass and moving it through space. From preventing or reversing osteoporosis, to being able to climb stairs without incapacitating yourself, to lifting a heavy box onto a high shelf, the benefits of resistance training are abundant. Apart from health, the ability to be physically capable and independent is at the core of human freedom and individuality.

Any diet or program must adhere to the laws of marketability; if it’s not billed as ultimate, hyper-effective, effortless, or achievable in minutes a day, fewer people would buy it. For decades, sound nutritionists, competent trainers and even the government mouthpieces have been holding the safe, vague party line that “you need to eat properly and exercise regularly”, despite the definitions of both “proper” and “regular” undergoing perpetual revision. Though we may hate to admit it, humans collectively are easy prey for gimmicks and shortcuts, and wherever there is something too good to be true, a line of people will form with their wallets out.

There are also opposing camps with conflicting doctrines or practices, each as readily refuted by detractors as they are upheld by believers. And also as happens with spirituality or political ideology, there are those among every faction who believe in tolerance, that there are many paths to the same goal, and to each person, their own practice and belief. That said, this method takes a minimalist approach—more a philosophy than a belief, really—and sets two modest goals: the first is to provide a powerful framework and arsenal of techniques to help achieve the maximal benefits from a comparatively small amount of input.

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