LPI Linux certification in a nutshell: a desktop quick by Jeffrey Dean

By Jeffrey Dean

For somebody desiring to leap into the linux global, and particularly wanting to take certification exams, this can be fingers down the easiest publication to be had. It has every thing you would ever must be a approach Administrator, or simply a throughout linux guru. this can be a booklet that may without doubt by no means depart my facet!

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Q Run with no delay. If the user is the superuser, run with highest possible priority. This option causes top to update continuously and will probably consume any idle time your CPU had. Running top -q as superuser will seriously affect system performance and is not recommended. -s Run in secure mode. Some of top's interactive commands can be dangerous if running as the superuser. This option disables them. Frequently used interactive options Once top is running interactively, it can be given a number of commands via the keyboard to change its behavior.

In the second command form, copy one or more files to directory. Note that the presence of multiple files implies that you wish to copy files to a directory. If directory doesn't exist, an error message will be printed. This command form can get you in trouble if you attempt to copy a single file into a directory that doesn't exist, as the command will be interpreted as the first form and you'll end up with file2 instead of directory. Frequently used options -f Force an overwrite of existing files in the destination.

Table 3-4 lists the common standard I/O redirections for the bash shell, specified in the LPI Objectives. The redirection syntax may be significantly different if you use another shell. Table 3-4. Standard I/O Redirections for the bash shell Redirection Function Syntax for bash Send stdout to file. $ cmd > file $ cmd 1> file Send stderr to file. $ cmd 2> file Send both stdout and stderr to file. $ cmd > file 2>&1 Send stdout to file1 and stderr to file2. $ cmd > file1 2> file2 Receive stdin from file.

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