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The publication tells the tale of Henrietta Szold`s misplaced love via her correspondence with Louis Ginzberg and a formerly unpublished deepest magazine.

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7 and I never asked. I don’t know. At all events, I went to him only for a few history lessons, until Dr. Marx 8 arrived from Europe, and throughout the session for a lesson once a week in Aramaic grammar. For a large part of the time he was sick. But even the comparatively few times I saw him, I forced myself into antagonism to him. I held it up against him that he occasionally was late for his classes. When I learned that he actually did object to my being in his class, that naturally counted against him, not because he opposed the higher education for women, but because I felt he must have known that I was seeking something to bring me into accord with my dear father even after his death.

And how true I thought it, when his niece told me I had been a fool for working for her uncle as I had, adding that I would probably do it again. And now I may never do it again if I want to maintain a vestige of self respect—so at least they tell me. As though I cared for self respect in the face of annihilation of my whole personality. ” I said. When did those happy Sat­ urday walks begin? I cannot remember. Were they my fault, my sug­ gestion, I mean? I cannot remember. But they must have begun some time that spring, because I remember when he came home the fol­ lowing fall from his European trip, I escaped to the other side on the first Saturday after his arrival, and he came after me and asked for a walk, and I said: “Ah!

Be prepared and be strong. Then catastrophe came, and I was not there to see him pass away, I was neither prepared nor strong. Life T 35 << Chapter >> Home | TOC | Index Meditation on Lost Love This Library PDF version is for the use on an institutional computer only. com was no longer ideal and full of content. Then, after an interval, for four years, from 1904–1908, I said to myself daily, not once but a thousand times, at any moment you may be told that he is affianced to another woman. Be prepared and be strong.

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