Linux Network Administrators Guide by Olaf Kirch

By Olaf Kirch

Linux, a UNIX-compatible working process that runs on own desktops, is a top in the loose software program flow. it's in keeping with a kernel constructed via Finnish pupil Linus Torvalds and is sent on the web or on inexpensive disks, besides a whole set of UNIX libraries, renowned unfastened software program utilities, and standard layered items like NFS and the X Window process. Linux is sweeping Europe, successful adherents in North the United States, and producing enthusiasm world wide. a part of Linux's allure is the unstructured and far-flung demeanour during which it grew. Self-styled hackers from many nations created it. upkeep and aid are dispensed in the same demeanour. or even its documentation - from deploy directions via handbook pages and full-length courses - is the fabricated from a volunteer attempt, the Linux Documentation undertaking. Networking is a primary a part of Linux. As a stand-alone computing device procedure it truly is striking adequate, yet in the end you, the person, are going to need to ship an individual a dossier, mount a dossier approach from one other computing device, learn Usenet information, or seek the area huge internet. even if you will want an easy UUCP connection or a whole LAN with NFS and NIS, you'll need to construct a community. some of the most winning books to come back from the Linux Documentation venture is the Linux community Administrator's consultant by way of Olaf Kirch. It touches on the entire crucial networking software program integrated with Linux, plus a few concerns. themes comprise: creation to TCP/IP Configuring community and serial area identify provider Serial line communications utilizing SLIP and PPP NIS and NFS Taylor UUCP Administering email correspondence, together with smail and Sendmail+IDA Administering Netnews, together with C information, NNTP, and several other information readers

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Uk where user appears after the ~ and before the / in the URL for this page ] Next UUCP Networks Linux Network Administrators Guide Chapter 1. Introduction to Networking Prev Next UUCP Networks Unix-to-Unix Copy (UUCP) started out as a package of programs that transferred files over serial lines, scheduled those transfers, and initiated execution of programs on remote sites. It has undergone major changes since its first implementation in the late seventies, but it is still rather spartan in the services it offers.

Chapter 17, introduces you to the central concepts of electronic mail, like what a mail address looks like, and how the mail handling system manages to get your message to the recipient. Chapter 18, and Chapter 19, cover the configuration of sendmail and exim, two mail transport agents you can use for Linux. This book explains both of them, because exim is easier to install for the beginner, while sendmail provides support for UUCP. Chapter 20, through Chapter 23, explain the way news is managed in Usenet and how you install and use C News, nntpd, and INN: three popular software packages for managing Usenet news.

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