LINUX in A Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference (3rd by Ellen Siever

By Ellen Siever

Linux in a Nutshell covers the center instructions for universal Linux distributions. this is not a scaled-down fast reference of universal instructions, yet a whole connection with all person, programming, management, and networking instructions, with whole lists of innovations. New fabric within the 3rd version contains what is as a rule required for customizing the GNOME and KDE pcs and the fvwm2 window supervisor, the dpkg Debian package deal supervisor, an multiplied research of the rpm pink Hat package deal supervisor, and plenty of new instructions. Contents additionally include:

    LILO and Loadlin (boot) options

    Shell syntax and variables for the bash , csh , and tcsh shells

    Pattern matching

    Emacs and vi enhancing commands

Linux in a Nutshell is a needs to for any Linux person; it weighs under a stack of handbook pages, yet gives you every little thing wanted for universal, day by day use.

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Fdformat Format floppy disk. fsck Check and repair filesystem. minix Check and repair a MINIX filesystem. fuser List processes using a filesystem. mke2fs Make new second extended filesystem. mkfs Make new filesystem. ext2 Another name for mke2fs. minix Make new MINIX filesystem. mklost+found Make lost+found directory. mkraid Set up a RAID device. mkswap Designate swap space. mount Mount a filesystem. raidstart Activate a RAID device. raidstop Turn off a RAID device. rdev Describe or change values for root filesystem.

6. Overview of NIS The Network Information System (NIS) refers to the service formerly known as Sun Yellow Pages (YP). It is used to make configuration information consistent on all machines in a network. It does this by designating a single host as the master of all the system administration files and databases and distributing this information to all other hosts on the network. The information is compiled into databases called maps. NIS is built on the RPC protocol. There are currently two NIS servers freely available for Linux, yps and ypserv.

An IP address is different from an Ethernet address, which is assigned by the manufacturer of the physical Ethernet card. 2. Gateways and Routing Gateways are hosts responsible for exchanging routing information and forwarding data from one network to another. Each portion of a network that is under a separate local administration is called an autonomous system (AS). htm (3 of 7) [15/05/2002 18:02:17] Overview of TCP/IP (Linux in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition) gateways. An AS also may contain its own system of networks, linked via interior gateways.

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