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By Innovative Language

Grasp Turkish with examine Turkish - be aware energy a hundred and one. This booklet is a totally new strategy to research Turkish vocabulary speedy - and at no cost! commence conversing Turkish in mins with the robust studying equipment you'll grasp during this book.

The vocabulary phrases you’ll locate in study Turkish - observe energy a hundred and one have been hand chosen by means of our Turkish language academics because the best a hundred and one most often used phrases within the Turkish language. With every one access, you’ll see the observe and a colourful photo to aid have in mind the which means. You’ll pay attention the observe (separate unfastened obtain) to grasp the pronunciation. Then you’ll see how the notice is absolutely utilized in daily speech with pattern sentences and words. studying Turkish vocabulary hasn't ever been easier!

In this booklet, you’ll get:

- a hundred and one of the main often used Turkish vocabulary words
- Audio with real local Turkish pronunciation
*Supplementary mp3 audio records are a separate download
- shiny photographs and photographs to assist memorization
- priceless and functional pattern sentences and words

Purchase study Turkish - note energy a hundred and one at the present time to begin studying Turkish vocabulary within the quickest, simplest and most exciting manner attainable!

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White adjective Beyaz adjective Examples siyah ve beyaz inek black and white cow Beyaz keçi white goat Beyaz lotus göletin yüzeyinde yüzüyor. The white lotus is floating on the surface of the pond. Spor ayakkabısı beyaz bağcığı, siyah tabanı ile kırmızı beyaz ve gridir. The sneakers are red, white, and gray with white laces and black soles. Gold adjective Altın adjective Examples Altın rengi color gold Altın rengi perdeler gold curtains Ben altın rengi bir cüzdan istiyorum. I want a gold colored purse.

Bir dişi çekmek extract a tooth Bir dişin üç boyutlu modeli 3D model of a tooth Wrinkle noun Kırışık noun Examples Alındaki kırışıklıklar wrinkles on the forehead Yaşlı kadının çok fazla kırışığı var. The old woman has a lot of wrinkles. Eyebrow noun Kaş noun Examples Kadınlar çoğu zaman kaşlarını alırlar. Women often pluck their eyebrow hairs. Kalın kaşlar thick eyebrows Kaş ve kirpik eyebrow and eyelash Eyelid noun Göz kapağı noun Examples Kapalı gözkapakları closed eyelids Gözkapağı ve kirpik eyelid and eyelash Eye noun Göz noun Examples kahverengi göz brown eye Benim karımın mavi gözleri var.

Domuz yavru domuzları emziriyor. The pig is nursing the piglets. Horse noun At noun Examples Bir ata binmek ride a horse Atlar çok güzel hayvanlar. Horses are beautiful animals. At alanda koşuyor. The horse is running in the field. Bir alandaki at horse in a field Sheep noun Koyun noun Examples Koyun yeşil çimenleri yiyor. The sheep is eating the green grass. Çiftçi koyunu kırpıyor. The farmer is shearing the sheep. Koyun alanda duruyor. The sheep is standing in the field. Alandaki koyun sheep in the field Goat noun Keçi noun Examples Beyaz keçi white goat Keçiler tarlada oynuyorlar.

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