The Lazy Mans Guide to Relaxation by Israel Regardie

By Israel Regardie

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He now feels there is a necessity for conserving it and making the best use of what little vitality he has left. All this is indicated by the pose, the method of resting. What is important is the question whether or not this observation has any practical value so far as we are concerned. We are trying to learn how to relax and to eliminate tensions from the body, mind, and system, so as to make better use of the dynamic currents of energy coursing through us in order to live more happily and to know ourselves better.

The imagination can, and does, do the work just as well. Since your imagination doesn't take up any space, and knows no barriers, there is no nook or cranny in your body that it can't reach. So let's put it to work again. "We've started on your head, so let's finish it up. " Mr. A. confessed. " "That's all right," I assured him. "It's worth spending some time on. Now - visualize the blood flowing down to the temples, the ears and the cheek bones. Follow with the visualization of the nose, mouth, lips, tongue, chin, jaws.

We test similarly, hands, feet, chest and abdomen, neck and shoulders. All are relaxed. The patient is lying quiet and still; arms are flung outwards on the bench or couch in spread-eagle fashion. Legs are spread several inches apart. The patient looks like a young child whom you surprise on a chance visit to the nursery. There, on his bed is the child with his little limbs flung, as it were, in every direction, completely at ease and relaxed. This posture is well enough for children and youngsters.

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