Language Use and School Performance by Aaron V. Cicourel, Kenneth H. Jennings and Sybillyn H. M.

By Aaron V. Cicourel, Kenneth H. Jennings and Sybillyn H. M. Jennings (Auth.)

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STUDENT: Yeah right there. TEACHER: All right should he have one ear? STUDENT: No3 no he needs another one. TEACHER: Oh he does (student draws) umm humm. 3 command, new look closely and see if he's missing anything^ in an effort to get the student to see additional missing parts. When the student indicates that the drawing is not missing anything^ the teacher then retrieves a statement made by the student at the beginning of the exchange and confronts him with it — Now did you tell me he had one ear?

More often than not an immature child turns out to be a small boy rather than a small girl. When a girl is termed "immature" it indicates that she is not acting in accordance with her chronological age which is used by the teachers as a tacit developmental model of the child. " The teacher in this section is describing one of two cases in answer to a question about what kind of behavior would require the teacher to send a student out of the room. TEACHER: Then we have had one other little boy who is very very immature and he was a November birthday.

What were your reasons for putting him into junior-first as opposed to first. things. TEACHER: Well it takes him longer to learn Umm humrrij I see. INT. : letters TEACHER: It takes him longer to learn and sounds and this kind of thing. But it oould be just because he 's the youngest you know. It's just another year for him to acquire — I don't believe in junior-first but since we have it there I have to put somebody in i t . What do you mean by 'it takes him INT. longer to learn letters? Do you have a schedule?

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