Islam: Between Divine Message and History by Abdelmajid Sharfi

By Abdelmajid Sharfi

This paintings makes an attempt to introduce the features of the Mohammedan undertaking, with the aspiration to be trustworthy to its crucial reasons and to old fact while. the writer therefore illustrates the several ways that humans have understood the undertaking and the explanations that led them to these numerous interpretations.

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LQGÀ, for example, suggests that the knowledge of prophets is attained “without any pain or effort or intention, not through the ploys of mathematics and logic, and not in time, but with the will of 25 The components of the conception that has been established in Muslim consciousness concerning the method of revelation are discussed in the books of +DGÀWK, the books of Speculative Theology, and the books of 4XUu­QLF sciences. See Mustapha cAbed Al Razeq, Religion, Revelation, and Islam, Cairo, 1945, quoted above; Fazlur Rahman, Prophecy in Islam.

26 THE MOHAMMEDAN MISSION 37 this expression means two different things: on the one hand the divine, transcendent quality that cannot be captured in human language without the risk of reification, and on the other hand the prophetic mission that originates from God, but that is framed in time and space, so that it can be conveyed by a human being who fulfills all the conditions of humanity: he thinks, feels, imagines, hopes, despairs, and is susceptible to contentment, anger and all the other human emotions.

347. 48 ISLAM Z­Q b. DO„DN­P the PXV»DI of „DIÔD—one of the prophet’s wives—was burnt. As much as historians regret the loss of this original manuscript, they cannot but admit that unifying and codifying the 0XÔ»DI had many undeniable advantages. Had it not been for this codification, the integration of Muslims through one and the same book might have been delayed. This delay would have carried with it all the possibilities of much graver secessions and divisions than those that occurred at the end of F8WKP­Q’s rule, particularly because the political authority is bound to be involved in all disputes, given that it owes its existence to religion, and that it derives its legitimacy from it, influences it, and is influenced by it, whether negatively or positively.

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