Islam and Society Sharia Law – Jihad – Women in Islam (The by Christine Schirrmacher

By Christine Schirrmacher

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The Qur’an does speak of peace, but of peace between Muslims and the peace that comes through universal submission to the Sharia. By contrast, peace and universal reconciliation are a central concern in the Bible. Jesus, the Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:5) was not content to describe how peace should work in theory but uniquely created peace and reconciliation by his own life and death, peace between God and man, but also peace among men. Because God is a God of peace (Romans 15:33), peace is a central topic of the Bible.

Jesus became a human being in order to make peace between God and man (Colossians 1:20). It is hardly surprising his followers are called to be messengers of peace (Isaiah 52:7), peacemakers (Matthew 5:9; Romans 14:19) and at peace with all men (Romans 12:18). One can only live up to this high vocation by accepting the peace God offers, being at peace with God and oneself, and learning to be a peacemaker in one’s own environment. 24 Muslims (sometimes even Nonmuslims) complain about Christians – or Western society – insisting on portraying Islam as “the enemy”.

Op. , p. 24 15 Helmer Ringgren. ” in: Horae soederblomianae 2. Uppsala 1949. pp. 1-34 4 Islam – Religion of Peace? 47 In Mecca Muhammad originally sought recognition and disciples among the Arab tribes and recognized Jews and Christians as possessing divine revelation, even if he did not share their convictions. “Say: you unbelievers! I do not worship what you worship, and you not worship what I worship. I do not worship what you used to worship. You have your religion, I have mine” (sura 109).

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