International Politics and the Sea: The Case of Brazil by Michael A Morris

By Michael A Morris

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Brazil participated directly in the ILC debates during the 1950s as one of only 15 members, and unlike some of the other Latin American states, made no extreme unilateral maritime claim in the period. Representatives from Brazil and Mexico were the only two from Latin America on the ILC during the entire 1949-1956 period of preparatory work for the law of the sea conference. The other Latin American members were Panama and Colombia from 1949 to 1953 and Cuba and Bolivia from 1954 to 1956. The Latin American ILC members were mostly moderates at the time and helped influence the outcome in that direction.

35. Ibid. 51 50 Professor Monnerat was Secretary-General of the SBDAE, an unofficial organization of air force officers and civilians, whose membership overlaps to a considerable extent with the Brazilian Association of Maritime Law. The deliberations of these two professional organizations received considerable press coverage, but the joint resolution was only approved at the very end of 1969 (December 17, 1969) • 1 Monnerat's book covers his activities in favor of the 200 miles in the late 1960s in great detail.

The Commission recognizes that international practice is not uniform as regards traditional limit~tion of the territorial sea to three miles. 2. The Commission considers that international law does not justify the extension of the territorial sea beyond twelve miles. 3. The Commission, without taking any decisions as to the breadth of the territorial sea within that limit, considers that international law does not require States to r~gognize a breadth beyond three miles. The draft article based on the 1955 Brazili~n proposal was a masterpiece in the art of com~romi~e.

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