International Encyclopedia of Human Geography, Twelve-Volume by Nigel Thrift, Rob Kitchin

By Nigel Thrift, Rob Kitchin

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189 224 230 235 M G Hatvany 241 Whiteness L Peake 247 Wilderness C R Warren 254 Wilson, A. G P Clarke World/Global Cities World-System B Derudder K Terlouw Wreford Watson, J. Wright, J. K.

Material Culture T Skelton D P Tolia-Kelly 497 500 Material, The A Tay 505 McDowell, L. A Jones 511 Contents li VOLUME 7 M Media D B Clarke 1 Medical Geography R Earickson 9 Medieval Geography K D Lilley 21 Medieval Historical Geographies Mega-Cities R Jones Y-M Yeung Meinig, D. 40 K M Dunn 48 Memorials and Monuments Memory D H Alderman and O J Dwyer S McDowell Mental Health 64 S Bell 70 Me´tropole d’e´quilibre G Burgel Middle East and North Africa Migrant Workers Migration 76 M E Bonine C Cindy Fan P Boyle 96 Military and Geography Military Geographies W Jenkins 116 R Woodward 122 J H McKendrick P Merriman C G Pooley J R Gold 157 R N Gwynne Modifiable Areal Unit Problem Monte Carlo Simulation Moral Economies 169 S Ratick and G Schwarz 175 Multiculturalism 185 G Setten and K M Brown Movies and Films, Analysis of Multicultural City S C Aitken H Hoernig and M Walton-Roberts J Clayton Multidimensional Scaling 164 D W Wong L McDowell Moral Landscapes 144 150 D Linehan Modernization Theory 128 134 Mobility, History of Everyday Modernity 108 M Farish Mixed and Multiple Methods Modern City 82 89 Migration, Historical Geographies of Mobility 51 59 C J Smith Mental Maps 32 191 196 201 211 W M Bowen 216 N Nation J Penrose National Parks 223 N Curry National Schools of Geography National Spatialities T Edensor 229 P Claval 236 242 lii Contents Nationalism D H Kaplan 248 Nationalism, Historical Geography of M A Busteed 255 Natural Resources G Bridge 261 Naturalistic Testing R D Jacobson 269 Nature K R Olwig 275 Nature, Historical Geographies of Nature, History of P Holland and A Wearing 286 M Tanskanen 293 S Fullagar 298 Nature, Performing Nature, Social N Argent 303 Nature-Culture O Jones 309 Natures, Charismatic J Lorimer Natures, Gendered C Radel Natures, Postcolonial 331 M Sioh Neighborhood Change 337 J Kenny Neighborhood Effects 343 Sang-Il Lee Neighborhoods and Community Neocolonialism 324 349 J Flint 354 M Watts 360 Neoliberal Economic Strategies Neoliberalism R Le Heron 365 W Larner 374 Neoliberalism and Development Neoliberalism, Urban W E Murray 379 W Larner 385 Network Analysis M J Kuby and T D Roberts and C D Upchurch, and S Tierney 391 Network Regions P Cooke 399 Networks G Grabher 405 Networks, Urban N Clarke 414 Neural Networks I Casas 419 New Regionalism New Towns G MacLeod K Kafkoula New Urbanism NIMBY 423 428 E J McCann 438 P Hubbard 444 Nongovernmental Organizations Saraswati Raju Non-Representational Theory/Non-Representational Geographies Nordic Geography K Simonsen Nordplan and Nordregio North–South 450 L Cadman 456 464 G Olsson 469 A McGregor and D Hill 473 VOLUME 8 O Oceania W E Murray Oceanographic Mapping 1 D M Lawrence 14 Contents Oceans liii P E Steinberg 21 M Gren 27 Olsson, G.

J Dittmer 340 Brain Drain J Crush and C Hughes 342 Brandt Commission Brown Agenda Buffer Zone R B Potter and S Lloyd-Evans 348 J Beall 355 G Prevelakis 362 Business Services John R Bryson 368 Contents xxxix C Capital and Space Capitalism R J Das 375 R Le Heron 382 Capitalism and Division of Labor Care/Caregiving M Brayshay 390 N M Yantzi and M W Skinner Cartographic Animation M Harrower Cartography in Islamic Societies Cartography, History of 408 S Brentjes 414 C Delano-Smith and R J P Kain Case Study Approach 402 428 S W Hardwick 441 Cassa per il Mezzogiorno F Martinelli 446 Categorical Data Analysis S D Withers 456 VOLUME 2 C Cellular Automata P M Torrens 1 W Friesen 5 Census Geography Census Mapping D Martin Central Business District G A Rice Central Place Theory 18 J Malczewski 26 G Chapman 31 Chaos and Complexity Chicago School 12 D Sibley Child Labor 40 S Punch Children and Mapping 45 V Filippakopoulou and B Nakos 50 Children/Childhood F Smith and N Ansell 58 Chinese Urbanism L J C Ma 65 Chinese-Language Geography Choice Modeling W S Tang J-C Thill Christaller, W.

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