Innovation and IT in an International Context: R&D Strategy by Frantz Rowe, Dov Te’eni (eds.)

By Frantz Rowe, Dov Te’eni (eds.)

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Transparency and boundary spanners in an international context’, Information and Organization, 22(4): 295–322. Nambisan, S. (2003), ‘Information systems as a reference discipline for new product development’, MIS Quarterly, 27(1): 1–18. Nambisan, S. (2013), Information technology and product/service innovation: A brief assessment and some suggestions for future research, JAIS, 14 (Special Issue): 215–226. Nambisan, S. and Wilemon, D. (2000), ‘Software development and new product development: Potentials for cross-domain knowledge sharing’, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 47(2): 211–220.

The international context underscores several issues of IT-enabled innovation, complicating matters but also offering unique opportunities. 2. This highlights some important lessons to follow when reading the chapters to come, but at the same time it can be used to identify what is missing. In particular, the systemic approach highlights the interactions within the system boundaries (depicted by the large arrows) and between the system and its environment. On the one hand, there is the impact of the organization on its environment (several chapters talk about inventive performance to represent this impact).

Contracting) and project partner selection (firm, university or research institute). Depending on the specific nature of the project, the firm decides on the suitable governance form and the partner with the appropriate resources and incentive structure in order to balance the value-creation and value-capture forces at stake. In essence, with whom the firms establish a link depends on cooperation issues – linked with the capabilities and skills it potentially needs – and competitive pressures related to the risks and opportunities involved in the specific activity.

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