Indo-European Numerals by Jadranka Gvozdanovic

By Jadranka Gvozdanovic

Developments IN LINGUISTICS is a sequence of books that open new views in our figuring out of language. The sequence publishes state of the art paintings on center components of linguistics throughout theoretical frameworks in addition to reports that offer new insights by way of construction bridges to neighbouring fields akin to neuroscience and cognitive science.

traits IN LINGUISTICS considers itself a discussion board for state-of-the-art examine in accordance with reliable empirical information on language in its quite a few manifestations, together with signal languages. It regards linguistic edition in its synchronic and diachronic dimensions in addition to in its social contexts as very important resources of perception for a greater figuring out of the layout of linguistic structures and the ecology and evolution of language.

tendencies IN LINGUISTICS publishes monographs and awesome dissertations in addition to edited volumes, which offer the chance to deal with debatable themes from various empirical and theoretical viewpoints. top of the range criteria are ensured via nameless reviewing.

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Ki-i-ma A-WA-TE™^ U-UL ku-it-ki\-e-da-az l-e-da-az (77) IS-TU K U R URUAaat-ti-at 'these terms of Treaty are in no way mutually [binding]; they are [binding] in respect of the Land of the Hatti'. 4. 1. neut. Old Hittite 1 -an-ta ... l-an-ta 'the ones ... the others' KBo XVII 3 IV 25 (cf. duplicate KBo XVII 1 IV 27, both tablets in the "typically old ductus", see H. Otten — V. ). comm. harpus (H. Kümmel, StBoT iii, 1967: 78 n. 8) cannot be adduced as an argument against the identification of Gl5harpa, and, with it, 1 -anta, as nominative-accusative plural neuter, cf.

Since the instrumental ending terminates with -t in postvocalic position (-ta only postconsonantal), i-etta must be analyzed as *1 -et + -a 'and, also', and thus leads to positing 1 -assa* '(only) one single one, one and the same'. The difficulties of deriving this meaning f r o m the two elements 1 -as 'one, one single one' and -a 'and, also' can be eliminated by starting from the negated *natta 1 -assa 'and not a single one, not even one'. 8. The further example 1 -e-it-ta KBo III 4 III 33 (Goetze 1933: 76) is not unambiguous; the context allows the meanings 'everything in one, all together' or 'taken on its own, even alone'.

5 — 7. pl. 1 -as in a text, which, with the corresponding form of the personal pronoun -a- 'he, she', uses the variant -us (not -as), is surprising, but not objectionable. 3. Reading U n k n o w n . Goetze (1935) suggests *sanna-, which Kronasser (1956: 152) also takes into consideration. ). In my view, a reading *ä- (< *oyo- or *oiyo-) is, rather, to be contemplated. 2. -i-stem This stem can only be distinguished from the -α-stem in the nominativeaccusative singular. 1. sg. l-is, a b o u t twenty examples, of which none are Old Hittite.

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