Iconoclasm and Iconoclash: Struggle for Religious Identity

Within the heritage of Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition, non secular id was once not just shaped by means of ancient claims, but in addition by way of using convinced pictures: photographs of God, photos of the others, pictures of the self.This publication encompasses a dialogue of the function of those photos in society and politics, in theology and liturgy, the day prior to this and at the present time.

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The Muslim Discovery of Europe

The eleventh-century Muslim global was once an exceptional civilization whereas Europe lay drowsing at nighttime a while. Slowly, necessarily, Europe and Islam got here jointly, via alternate and conflict, campaign and international relations. The ebb and circulation among those worlds for seven-hundred years, illuminated the following through a super historian, is without doubt one of the nice sagas of global heritage.

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Tisdall's vintage paintings explores the assets from which Muhammad borrowed the tips and narratives and precepts he has included into the faith he based. Which of those have been his personal invention, which ones have been derived from past platforms? To what quantity had he the technique of studying the lessons of these who professed different religions than his personal?

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Meyendorff, J. Leclercq (eds), Christian Spirituality. Origins to the Twelfth Century, New York, 1988. , What is Scripture? A Comparative Approach, Minneapolis 1993. , Augustine the Reader. Meditation, Self-Knowledge, and the Ethics of Interpretation, Cambridge 1996. ———, After Augustine. The Meditative Reader and the Text, Philadelphia, 2001. 2. THE DIALECTICS OF THE ICON: A REFERENCE TO GOD? Anton Houtepen (Utrecht University) Introduction In our highly visualised global culture, icons and idols, logo’s, signs and symbols, images and pictures are everywhere.

Lemmens, to remove from the old chapel of Wahlwiller, in the south of the Netherlands, the Stations of the Cross painted by the young artist Aad de Haas in modern style. A Catholic fascist from pre-war time started a campaign in some Dutch Catholic media against De Haas, classifying his work as a form of ‘entartete Kunst’ and as a violation of the papal vision on art exposed in the encyclical letter Mediator Dei et Hominum (1947). More than thirty years later, in 1980, the Stations of the Cross were replaced in the chapel, but now with approval of the conservative bishop Mgr.

It was not designed for a popular audience, for its meaning was skilfully hidden, so that only insiders would get the message. It was meant as an indictment of ‘fanaticism’ referring to the way religion had been abused to embarrass and upset political authority. Being an interesting link in the development from allegory to cartoon, the picture confronts the viewer with conÁicting images of peace and conÁict, of order and disorder, of clerical fanaticism and the duties of an enlightened sovereign.

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