How to Be a Good Atheist by Nick Harding

By Nick Harding

For millennia monks and holy males have instructed numerous conflicting stories approximately humanity's genesis and destiny, whereas additionally announcing someone without religion is evil, immoral, and liable for societal ills. For these bored with those contradictions, bored to death with listening to approximately divine mysteries while there are no, and offended by being advised they will hell, atheism is a well-liked and logical resolution. This ebook comprises all you must learn about what to pack to your trip at the enlightening street to atheism, together with factors of the 5 forms of atheism and the distinction among an atheist and an agnostic—a time period invented via T. H. Huxley, well-known for his safety of Darwin—as good as how a deist differs from a theist. study why Christians have been initially known as atheists; read about Lucretius and his fellow materialists; and revel alongside atheists who fortunately don't have anything to safeguard.

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Diogenes’ attack on religion was prompted by what he thought was its control over people’s lives – it enslaved them while promoting a fear of death. He had no time for priests, superstitions, soothsayers or the entire bogus scam that was the supernatural. Visitors often travelled from afar to be abused by a man living in a pot. The name Stoic comes from the Stoa Poilike, the porch of paintings created by the mural artist Polygnotus (475 – 445 BC) where Zeno held court. In sharp contrast to Epicurus, Zeno thought the world to be a rational, organic whole, controlled by the four elements and by logos – reason.

India The first stirrings of genuine atheism are to be found in India. The Hindu scriptures, the Vedas, written in Sanskrit and dating as far back as 4000 BPE, were to inspire Buddhism, Jainism and the Sankhaya sect of Hinduism. Although it has no gods, Buddhism does believe in a supernatural force called karma and, like all religions, it uses • 42 • AT H E I S M – A B R I E F H I S TO RY reward and condemnation as a system of control. Right action is rewarded by the ultimate goal of nirvana, ‘blowing out’, the extinction of self, while wrong action is punished by reincarnation into a multitude of lives or samsara, a continual round of suffering much akin to the Christian hell.

In sharp contrast to Epicurus, Zeno thought the world to be a rational, organic whole, controlled by the four elements and by logos – reason. Logos held the four elements in tension and it was variously seen as the ‘soul of the world’, the ‘fire of the world’, or Zeus. But Stoics did not believe in a separate god per se. The universe was seen to be in a perpetual cycle of death, journeying into the divine fire and then into rebirth into a likeness of its predecessor. The theory has similarities to what is known as the ‘BrahminYear’ in Hinduism or to the modern cosmological idea in which Big Bang is followed by Big Crunch and then once more by Big Bang.

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