History of Philosophy in Colonial Mexico by Beauchot, Mauricio OP

By Beauchot, Mauricio OP


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119-34. It. V. 1). Carro, Los postulates teologico-jurtdicos de Bartolome de las Casas. i de Bstudios Hispanoamericanos/CSIC, 1966), p. 3Iff. •IV " . . la libertad es un derecho inherente al hombre necesariamente y desde el prlnclplo de la naluialc/a rational, es por eso de derecho natural. . ,! i) en villi nl lie una lijiura jun'iliea" Las Casas, De regia potestate, p. 17. 34 History of Philosophy in Colonial Mexico Sixteenth Century: Humanists 35 right to occupy them by possessing them. The first man who uses or occupies things has the right to possess them.

16ff. I). B. Ruiz Maldonado, "El Cardenal Cisneros, Bartolome de las Casas y la reforma

Comprendia el proceso y lo puso en practica. " Francisco Miranda, "Vasco de Quiroga: precursor de la Seguridad Social," in Vasco de Quiroga: educador de adultos, ed. Miranda and Briseflo, p, 66. 83. p. 84. Vasco de Quiroga, De debellandis indis, ed. Rene Acuna (Mexico: UNAM, 1988). 85. il urge him to present this treatise as the original of Don Vasco. Bui others express serious doubts about this. Por that reason, one should see the work of Silvio Zavala, Tin bllSCI del tratado de debellandis indis de Vasco de Quiroga," Historia Mexiama 1 7 / 6 8 (1968): Sixteenth Century: Humanists 47 the obligation of the Spaniards to impose their culture upon the Indians, even if violence is necessary.

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