History of Classical Scholarship: From the Beginnings to the by Rudolph Pfeiffer

By Rudolph Pfeiffer

Taking on the tale with the revival of classical reviews encouraged via Petrarch, Pfeiffer describes the achievements of the Italian humanists and the idependent flow in Holland that culminated in Erasmus and the German scholar-reformers. He lines the improvement of classical scholarship within the international locations of Western Europe in the course of the subsequent two hundred years, with specific recognition to sixteenth-century France and eighteenth-century England, and concludes with an account of the recent method made through Winckelmann and his successors in Germany.

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Murray, The Beginnings of Grammar (1931), repr. in Greek Studies (1946) 171-91, but not quite reliable in all its details. * K. v. Fritz, 'Prodikos', RE xxm (1957) 85 ff. The beautiful and enthusiastic paper of F. G. M. 1832 and 1836, reprinted with Addenda in Kleine Schriflen 11 (1845) 393-541 is still worth reading; on Prodicus' study of language see esp. 452 fT. * Vors. 84 A 16 = Art. script, B VIII 10 with Radermacher's note. Vors. 84A 11 (cf. 12) = Art, script, B VIII 6; cf. below, p. 62, 1 3 6 The Sophists, their Contemporaries and Pupils Distinction of Synonyms and Dialects w i t h some emphasis b y A r i s t o p h a n e s , w h e n t h e l a n g u a g e o f E u r i p i d e s ' l i k e ; f o r a h u m o u r (mucus, ' p h l e g m ' s t i l l , i n spite o f Prodicus' protest, 40 p r o l o g u e s is b e i n g tested TOJV 1181).

So h e w a s pleased t o detect a n c o n t e m p o r a r i e s . A m o n g s t his w r i t i n g s , w h i c h c o v e r e d n e a r l y e v e r y f i e l d epic l i n e i n w h i c h his o w n i d e n t i f i c a t i o n o f vovs a n d o f k n o w l e d g e , t h e r e w a s a s m a l l section c a l l e d catalogue, 3 after rjdtKa, d^at/ca, MovatKa i n T h r a s y l l u s ' e t c . A r i s t o t l e a g a i n a n d a g a i n refers t o D e m o c r i t u s ' v i e w s o n physics o r ethics, b u t never t o t h i s l i t e r a r y section.

O f r a t h e r o d d t e x t u a l ' d e l i g h t i n g i n t h e epic c y c l e ' , from w h i c h he d e r i v e d m o s t o f his p l o t s , as p r o b l e m s q u o t e d o n l y b y A r i s t o t l e ; t h e r e is n o reason w h y he s h o u l d be 3 4 E u r i p i d e s d i d after h i m . W h o finally s t a r t e d t o e x a m i n e t h a t e n o r m o u s l y assigned t o t h e fifth c e n t u r y , a n d he o b v i o u s l y d i d n o t c o n c e r n h i m s e l f r i c h epic p r o d u c t i o n a n d t o d i f f e r e n t i a t e b e t w e e n t h e single p o e m s a n d w i t h r e l a t i o n s o f epic p o e m s t o e a c h o t h e r .

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