Highest weight categories by Jonah Robotham

By Jonah Robotham

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Representations of Groups: A Computational Approach

The illustration concept of finite teams has obvious swift progress lately with the advance of effective algorithms and desktop algebra structures. this can be the 1st ebook to supply an creation to the standard and modular illustration conception of finite teams with unique emphasis at the computational features of the topic.

Groups of Prime Power Order Volume 2 (De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics)

This is often the second one of 3 volumes dedicated to easy finite p-group conception. just like the 1st quantity, hundreds and hundreds of significant effects are analyzed and, in lots of instances, simplified. vital subject matters provided during this monograph contain: (a) class of p-groups all of whose cyclic subgroups of composite orders are basic, (b) type of 2-groups with precisely 3 involutions, (c) proofs of Ward's theorem on quaternion-free teams, (d) 2-groups with small centralizers of an involution, (e) class of 2-groups with precisely 4 cyclic subgroups of order 2n > 2, (f) new proofs of Blackburn's theorem on minimum nonmetacyclic teams, (g) class of p-groups all of whose subgroups of index p² are abelian, (h) category of 2-groups all of whose minimum nonabelian subgroups have order eight, (i) p-groups with cyclic subgroups of index p² are labeled.

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The map G · (x1 , g · y1 ) → HgU defines the second one-to-one correspondence. 12 If O is a G-orbit on X × Y and (x, y) ∈ O then O(x) = StabG (x) · y and O (y) = StabG (y) · x. Hence |O| = [G : StabG ((x, y))] = [G : StabG (x)]|O(x)| = [G : StabG (y)]|O (y)|. Hence, if Ω = X = Y is a transitive G-set, then |O(x)| = |O (y)| = |O| |Ω| for arbitrary (x, y) ∈ O. 11 is the same as the number of orbits of H = StabG (ω) on Ω for any ω ∈ Ω) is called the rank of Ω and also of KΩ. If the rank is 2 then one also says that G acts doubly transitively on Ω.

1 Let Ω be a finite non-empty set. Note that Ω or more precisely (Ω, ·) is called a (left) G-set, and G is said to act on Ω (from the left) if ·: G × Ω → Ω (g, ω) → g · ω is a map satisfying g1 · (g2 · ω) = (g1 g2 ) · ω 1G · ω = ω for all g1 , g2 ∈ G, ω ∈ Ω, for all ω ∈ Ω. 11) If Ω1 , Ω2 are G-sets then a map ϕ : Ω1 → Ω2 is called G-equivariant or a G-map if ϕ(g · ω) = g · ϕ(ω) for all g ∈ G , ω ∈ Ω1 . The set of G-maps from Ω1 to Ω2 is usually denoted by HomG (Ω1 , Ω2 ). If, in addition, ϕ is bijective then ϕ is called a G-isomorphism, and if such a ϕ exists Ω1 , Ω2 are called isomorphic G-sets; in symbols, Ω1 ∼ =G Ω2 .

6). There is a variant of the Meataxe algorithm due to Holt and Rees [86], which has a performance quite independent of the size of the finite field K that we are going to present. It is based on the following lemma. 9 Let A be an algebra over a field K and V be an A-module of finite dimension over K. Let f be an irreducible factor of the characteristic polynomial ca of δV (a) for some a ∈ A. Assume that deg f = dimK kerV (f (a)). Then V is a simple A-module if (and only if ) (a) A · v = V for some 0 = v ∈ kerV (f (a)) and (b) x · A = V for some 0 = x ∈ kerV (f (a)).

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