Help For The Child With Asperger's Syndrome: A Parent's by Gretchen Mertz

By Gretchen Mertz

Mom and dad of youngsters clinically determined with Asperger's Syndrome usually locate themselves embarking on an laborious and disheartening hunt for the prone and interventions that their baby wishes - and is entitled to. Gretchen Mertz provides a readable and finished parent's advisor to constructing an intervention application for a kid with AS. starting with the quest for a analysis, she outlines an obtainable review of the worthy and acceptable providers which are to be had, how to define them and get investment for them, what to anticipate of them, and the way to judge them. the problems raised and the data given should be pertinent to any mother or father of a kid that has (or can have) AS. it's going to even be a useful source for social staff, psychologists and psychiatrists who desire to locate or supply acceptable aid for kids with Asperger's Syndrome.

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However, Phil from Australia cannot hold a job and spends a lot of his energy fighting with the government over whether he should be classified as disabled. Ben in London, age 22 in 2001, sounds upbeat and perfectly normal in his website, not at all weird, yet he speaks of his social isolation and lack of employment. Some of the web Asperger’s cases were misdiagnosed during some parts of their lives, and some spent time in psychiatric hospitals. Most of them felt their Asperger’s diagnosis helped them to get a handle on what was going on with them.

One autistic boy’s mother whom I met, a sales representative for a “clean” energy company, blamed fossil fuels for the increase. The best known environmental factors alleged as causes for the rise are probably the MMR vaccine and chemicals in wheat and milk. The possible vaccine connection has been studied and found to be without merit. The chemical allergies theory is harder to prove or disprove. Many parents have treated their autistic children with the megavitamins recommended by proponents of this theory as well as trying other treatments and have felt their children improved, but it is hard to tell what brought on the improvements.

It seemed odd that fine motor skills should be part of the same diagnosis, but that is what researchers are for. Large enough numbers of children presented with a similar set of symptoms to be considered statistically significant. It is just a syndrome, a collection of symptoms. No one knows why the symptoms go together. Perhaps the social skills area of the brain is near the fine motor part. From watching Andy, I have learned that fine motor skills deficits can contribute to hampered social development, and some occupational therapists seem to think that poor motor skills are the cause of all problems, but more likely the link points to an underlying neurological impairment.

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