Grep Pocket Reference by John Bambenek, Agnieszka Klus

By John Bambenek, Agnieszka Klus

grep Pocket Reference is the 1st advisor dedicated to grep, the robust Unix content-location application. this convenient e-book is perfect for approach directors, defense execs, builders, and others who are looking to study extra approximately grep and take new methods with it -- for every little thing from mail filtering and procedure log administration to malware research. With grep Pocket Reference, you are going to:
* study equipment for filtering huge documents for particular content
* gather details no longer incorporated within the present grep documentation
* Get a number of methods for utilizing editions resembling egrep
* preserve key information regarding grep correct at your fingertips

locate the solutions you wish approximately grep fast and simply. If you're acquainted with this application, grep Pocket Reference might help you refresh your uncomplicated wisdom, comprehend infrequent events, and paintings extra successfully. If you're new to grep, this publication is how to get started.

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Man Get information on a command. nice Reduce a job's priority. nohup Launch a command that will continue to run after logging out. openvt Run a program on the next available virtual terminal. passwd Set your login password. script Produce a transcript of your login session. su Become a different user, often the superuser. sudo Execute an authorized command as root or another user. tee Simultaneously store output in file and send to screen. time Time the execution of a command. wall Send a message to all terminals.

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