Glycolipids, Glycoproteins, and Mucopolysaccharides of the by P. Mandel (auth.), Vittorio Zambotti, Guido Tettamanti,

By P. Mandel (auth.), Vittorio Zambotti, Guido Tettamanti, Mariagrazia Arrigoni (eds.)

What do we anticipate from the examine of Neurological Mutants.- part I Chemistry and Metabolism of Glycoproteins and Mucopolysaccharides of the worried System.- Chemistry and Metabolism of Glycopeptides Derived from mind Glycoproteins.- Chemistry and Metabolism of Glycosaminoglycans of the fearful System.- Biosynthesis of mind Glycoproteins.- Glycoproteins of the Synaptosomal Plasma Membrane.- Glycoproteins in the course of the improvement of the Rat Brain.- part II Chemistry and Metabolism of Glycolipids of the anxious System.- fresh Advances at the Chemistry and Localisation of mind Gangliosides and comparable Glycosphingolipids.- Enzymatic points of Sphingolipid Metabolism.- contemporary stories at the Enzymes that Sinthesize mind Gangliosides.- mind Neuraminidases.- impact of Thyroid upon Lipid content material in constructing Cerebral Cortex and Cerebellum of the Rat.- part III Separation and Purification of the Subcellular parts and Plasma Membranes of the apprehensive System.- tools of isolating the Subcellular parts of mind Tissue.- The Isolation and Characterization of Synaptosomal Plasma Membranes.- part IV Chemical Pathology and prognosis of Lipid and Mucopolysaccharide garage Diseases.- Glycolipid, Mucopolysaccharide and Carbohydrate Distribution in Tissues, Plasma and Urine from Glycolipidoses and different Disorders.- Neuropathology of Glycopeptides Derived from mind Glycoproteins.- impression of Bacterial Neuraminidase at the Isoenzymes of Acid Hydrolases of Human mind and Liver.- difficulties within the Chemical prognosis of Glycoprotein garage Diseases.- growth and difficulties on Fucosidosis and Mucolipidosis.- Early analysis of Glycolipidosis.- styles of mind Ganglioside Fatty Acids in Sphingolipidoses.

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Analysis of the soluble glycoproteins extracted by severe homogenization of tissue indicated that 73% of the nondialyzable NANAand galactose-containing glycopeptides remain in the precipitate whi Ie 80% of the di alyzable mannose-rich glycopeptides remain insoluble. Thus the soluble glycoproteins contain somewhat less of the dialyzable glycopeptide-hexosamine in relation to nondialyzable glycopeptide-hexosamine than the insoluble membrane-bound glycoproteins. 86), thalamus (1. 23), medulla (1. 44).

The latter fraction was acetylated and again passed through the Do- 38 E. G. BRUNN GRABER Table IV - Distribution of Radioactivity in Monosaccharides and Amino Acids Recovered from the Nondialyzable Glycopept ide Preparat ion. Distribution of total counts in various substances recovered from the nondialyzable glycopeptide preparation, as percentage of total counts in the original nondialyzable glycopeptide preparation. Substance Time after injection (hours) -1 -4 -24 -72 NANA 17 19 23 16 Hexosamine 54 58 61 58 Neutral sugars 1 1 2 2 Neutral and acidic amino acids 3 2 4 4 Mono- and disaccharides released by mild acid hydrolysis 11 6 4 5 Substances adsorbed to Dowex 50-X4 hydrogen form, before and after acetylation 6 11 13 12 wex 50-X4 (hydrogen) columns.

1800 26,500 ±. 3200 31, 100 ±. 600 29,350 ±. 1400 22, 800 The resu I ts are the average of two experiments. Fifteen-day old rats were injected intraperitoneally with glucosamine-1- 14 C. The animals were sacrificed 4 hours later and the nondialyzable glycopeptides were isolated. The material was subjected to column electrophoresis and divided into fractions as shown in Fig. 1. Earlier, we had postulated that the nondialyzable glycopeptides contain two classes of glycopeptides. It was proposed that the nondialyzable glycopeptide preparation contained a minor component of high electrophoretic mobility and characterized by a high ratio of NANA/hexose and absence of mannose.

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