Getting Around The Islands in Papiamentu by Terry Dovale, Geraldine Dammers, Barbara Lockwood, Elena

By Terry Dovale, Geraldine Dammers, Barbara Lockwood, Elena Dovale

This can be greater than a phrasebook. Geared precisely to lifestyles within the ABC islands, this ebook can provide island highway indicators, the Dutch and Spanish phrases for meals bought within the Dutch grocery shops and stale the Venezuelan fruit boats, in addition to insights into neighborhood wisdom. yet even supposing our first goal is to offer you a realistic e-book, language is greater than asserting the fitting sentences on the correct time. So we finish the publication with a background of Papiamentu and with the necessities of Papiamentu grammar, so that you can transcend the words we now have given you. Bon Biní!

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Pa un siman. Mi ke un kamber pa dos persona (un persona). Mi por haña yabi di kamber… mi=mee • nos=nohs • tin=teeng • un=oong • reservashon=risir-vah-shohng • ke=ki • reservá=ri-sir-vah • un=oong • kamber= kahm-ber • apartamentu=ah-pahrt-ah-min-too • pa=pah • siman=see-mahng • dos=dohs • persona=pir-sohnah • haña =hah-nyah • yabi=yah-bee • di=dee Requests & complaints May I see Mi por haña the manager? e mènedjer*? The room is: E kamber ta: noisy • dirty ruidoso • sushi Please make up the room.

Do we sit wherever we want? Dos Amstel, por fabor. Nos por sinta kaminda nos ke? Foodserver: Yes, sit anywhere you like. That will be xx florins. I’ll bring it to your table when it’s ready. Si, sinta kaminda ku señornan ke. ) x florin. Ora kuminda ta kla, mi ta tres’é na mesa. RESTAURANTS & SNACKS 43 NEED A LITTLE WORD? 1. The,A a, an the un e 2. ) you, your (plural) he, she, it boso e, el (el is used before a, as in: el a traha--he worked) we, our they, their mine yours his, hers his, its ours theirs 3.

Grocery Shopping Shopping in three languages. In the following pages, you’ll find Dutch and Spanish words for foods sold in those languages on the ABCs. Island grocery stores have many signs in Dutch (D) and Spanish (S) will come in handy if you want to buy fruits and vegetables directly from the Venezuelan fruit boats which visit Curaçao and Bonaire. - should precede a conversation or request. /sra. /sra. bon=bohng • dia=dee-ah • señor=si-nyohr • señora=si-nyohrah • tardi=tar-dee Finding the product I need • I want … Where is … Do you have…?

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