Gene Technology: Stem Cell and Leukemia Research by Nicholas Hole, Roland Leung, Lobat Doostdar, Ursula Menzel,

By Nicholas Hole, Roland Leung, Lobat Doostdar, Ursula Menzel, Kay Samuel, Janice Murray (auth.), Axel R. Zander, Wolfram Ostertag, Boris V. Afanasiev, Frank Grosveld (eds.)

The eleven th assembly in "Modern traits in Human Leukemia" came about from June 19 to 21, 1994 in Wilsede in the course of the Liineburger Heide, South of Hamburg. Interwoven with the Leukemia application was once the Nato-sponsored Symposium of the ASI-Series "Gene expertise in research of Malignant and Inherited Human ailments on the topic of improvement" . The Wilsede assembly was once persisted on a boat of the Neva top via lake Ladoga and lake Onega. the themes of either conferences incorporated dialogue on contemporary development isolation and improvement of hematopoietic stem cells, genes an important for improvement and illnesses, equipment of gene move, program of gene move; oncogenes and anti-oncogenes as objectives for gene remedy; receptors and their ligands in basic improvement and ailments, immunology and immunotherapy, radiation biology, medical leukemias and bone marrow transplantation. The Nato workshop focused not just on research of phone platforms invaluable for somatic gene treatment, but in addition on real issues without delay with regards to correction of human illnesses. The latter facets emphasised issues on the topic of biotechnology, the 1st half used to be via nature extra basic. We additionally incorporated a couple of contributions that mentioned views for the way forward for gene treatment and attainable relationships to evolution.

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L ~ ~ U ~ .... 6-Fc (-0-) or to Muc-18-Fc (0) (A) in the absence of 100 ~g/ml heparin (hep); (B) in the presence of 100 ~g/ml heparin. 6-Fc in the presence (0) or absence (0) of heparin or to Muc-18-Fc, without heparin. D shows that U937 cells bind to all soluble CD31-Fc constructs that contain the first IgC2 SET domain, but not to Muc18-Fc or N-CAM-Fc. D. for six replicates. Methods are described in Teixeira et al. (1994). 55 CD31 MoAb LOCALISATION TO PECAM-1 DOMAINS 1 CD31 C CD31 A&B CD31 0 & E Figure 13: Diagrammatic representation of the location of monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) used to block adhesion assays described in Figure 12.

D. 2 CD34 expression detected with the FITC-SG 12 (HPCA-2) antibody; n = number of independent experiments Modification of the isolating CD34+ cells two-step Using the manufacturer's protocol, panning procedure for the degree of purification In order to increase its was insufficient for our purposes. efficiency in the selection of immature progenitors, several modifications of the selection procedure were developed. These included shortening the separation times and more extensive washing at the CD34 panning stage.

IL-3 and GM-CSF preincubation resulted in acceleration of platelet recovery post-BMT. OI7). Table 6. Platelets engraftment post-IL-3 and GM-CSF preincubation. 816* aThree patients did not have included in the statistics. OI7. 4a engraftment platelets and are not SUMMARY AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS Post irradiated sera is known to contain MK-CSF which supports the development of MK colony forming units. We therefore studied the effects of ionizing irradiation on the elaboration of factors which stimulate and humans.

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