Frontiers in Neuropsychiatric Research by Earl Usdin, Menek Goldstein, Arnold Friedhoff, Anastasios

By Earl Usdin, Menek Goldstein, Arnold Friedhoff, Anastasios Georgotas (eds.)

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Immunoreactive substance P and serotonin present in the same dense-core vesicles. A. Z. (1979). Specific tricyclic antidepressant binding sites in rat brain. Nature, 281:148-150 Rodbell, M. (1980). The role of hormone receptors and GTP regulatory proteins in membrane transduction. M. (1982). Phosphatidylcholine-promoted interaction of the catalytic and regulatory proteins of adenylate cyclase. J. BioI. J. (1965). The catecholamine hypothesis of affective disorders : A review of supporting evidence.

And Thornberry, J. F. (1977). Norepinephrinestimulated cyclic AMP accumulation in brain slices i n vitro after serotonin depletion or chronic administration of selective amine reuptake inhibitors. Arch. , 229: 42-51 Schweitzer, J. , Schwartz, R. and Friedhoff, A. J. (1979). Intact presynaptic terminals required for beta-adrenergic receptor regulation by desipramine. , 33: 377-379 Sellinger, M. , Mendels, J. and Frazer, A. (1980). The effect of psychoactive drugs on B-adrenergic receptor binding sites in rat brain .

Hence, serotonergic t r a n s mi s s i on is fa cilitated . But on protracted administration of imipramine, the n umber of specific recognition sites for this antidepressant is downregulated. Usually, the presence of a recognition site is compatible with the view that t h e r e is an endogenous effector t h a t modulates t h i s site . On persistent stimulation of the imipramine recognition si te, the receptor adapts by down-regulating its own number; consequently, the number of reuptake sites that can b e 28 regulated by the endogenous effector are reduced.

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