The Fear of Allah by Harun Yahya

By Harun Yahya

What a distinction it'll make to one’s lifestyles if one have been allowed to witness with one’s personal eyes the demons of Hell punishing their sufferers, the roaring of the flames, the mad yelling of the damned, their insufferable moaning and groaning, their writhing for breath and their frantic begging to be allowed to be lower back to Earth. for sure, one may turn into a brand new individual, one could rearrange one’s whole existence. whether it is the truth that we haven't visible Hell that's fighting a few humans from fearing Allah as they need to and being wary of their day-by-day lives, it may suffice that He has indicated the lifestyles of Hell many times within the Qur’an, describing it in all its info and caution humans opposed to it. while the time comes there'll be not anyone who won't see Hell. in basic terms those that worry Allah could be kept from it, the others should be left in it on their knees. (Surah Maryam: 71-72) in spite of the fact that, there'll be no profit or virtue to be received from seeing Hell at this element, simply because then, one is already past the purpose of no return...

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It is not possible to imitate an inner fear such as this, which is pure and sincere. Such fearful awareness is only for those who measure Allah as He should be measured, who fear the loss of His approval because of their love and awe of Him. When we look at the conduct of the prophets and true believers, we see that they are all servants who respectfully fear Allah and who strenuously avoid His punishment. However, at the same time, there is present behind this awe, a very intimate love and friendship.

Surat al-Ma’ida: 27) Here one of the sons of the Prophet Adam (as) states that Allah accepts the sacrifice of those who fear Him. Someone who does not possess fear of Allah is, by definition, unable to give the acknowledgement due to the omnipotence of Allah, and is unable to feel the respect he should feel towards Him. As a result of their distorted view of existence and the inevitable corruption of character and behavior that goes with it, the efforts of people such as these will almost certainly amount to nothing in Allah’s sight.

The lack of a true appreciation of Allah Generally amongst the populace an understanding of religion based on hearsay is widespread. The majority of people have not familiarized themselves with Allah’s own descriptions of Himself and His attributes as they appear in the original source of religion, 56 The Reasons For Failing To Fear Allah namely the Qur’an. Yet Allah has introduced Himself to us in the Qur’an in the clearest and most authentic manner possible. The knowledge of most people regarding Allah consists of what they have heard from their respective families, relatives and from here or there.

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