Evolutionary Psychology: The New Science of the Mind (3rd by David M. Buss

By David M. Buss

The 3rd version of Evolutionary Psychology continues to be the finest textual content for the burgeoning box of evolutionary psychology, and this significant replace includes approximately four hundred new references.

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This seminal book contributed to at least three key shifts in thinking in the field. C HAP T E R I / The Scientific Movements Leading to Evolutionary Psychology 15 First, Williams (1966) challenged the prevailing endorsement of group selection, the notion that adaptations evolved for the benefit of the group through the differential survival and reproduction of groups (Wynne-Edwards, 1962), as opposed to benefit for the gene arising through the differential reproduction of genes. According to the theory of group selection, for example, an animal might limit its personal reproduction to keep the population low, thus avoiding the destruction of the food base on which the popUlation relied.

The bulk of the scientific evidence came from nonhuman animals, many far removed phylogenetic ally from humans. 18 PAR T 1 / Foundations of Evolutionary Psychology Most social scientists could not see what ants and fruit flies had to do with people. Although scientific revolutions always meet resistance, often from within the ranks of established scientists (Sulloway, 1996), Wilson's lack of relevant scientific data on humans did not help. Furthermore, the tremendous resistance to Wilson's inclusion of humans within the purview of evolutionary theory was based on several common misunderstandings about evolutionary theory and its application to humans.

Their disappearance strangely coincided with another key event: the sudden arrival of anatomically modem Homo sapiens, called Homo sapiens sapiens. Why? ) • LANDMARKS IN THE FIELD OF PSYCHOLOGY CWhereas changes have been taking place in evolutionary biology since Darwin's 1859 book, psychology proceeded along a different path. Sigmund Freud, whose contributions came a few decades after Darwin, was significantly influenced by Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection. So was William James.

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