Evolution of Particle Physics. A Volume Dedicated to Eduardo by M. Conversi

By M. Conversi

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This was then the discovery of the first « s t r ä n g e r é s o n a n c e » , the Yî(1385). Although the famous Fermi 3 , 3 resonance had been known for years, and although other resonances in the π~ nucléon system had since shown u p in total cross-section experiments at 600 700 Mass of 800 Κ 7Γ s y s t e m 900 ( Mev ) Fig. 15. - Discovery of the K*(890). 38 L. W. Alvarez Brookhaven and Berkeley, CalTech and Cornell [59] the impact of the Y\ resonance on the thinking of particle physicists was quite different—the Υΐ really acted like a new particle, and not simply as a resonance in a crosssection.

In the summer of 1959, the 72 in. chamber was used in its first planned physics experiment. 6GeV/c antiprotons, and a quick scan of the pictures showed the now famous first example of antilambda production, via the reaction ρ + ρ ^ Λ + I π++ρ Λ I π~+ρ Fig. 18. - First production of anti-lambda. Recent developments in particle physics 41 Figure 18 shows this photograph, with the antiproton from the antilambda decay annihilating in a four-pion event. I believe that everyone who attended the 1959 High Energy Physics Conference in Kiev will remember the showing of this photograph—the first interesting event from the newly operating 72 in.

They analysed the racioactivity in a molybdenum deflector strip from the Berkeley 28 in. cyclotron that had been bombarded for many months by 6 MeV deuterons. We followed Ernest Lawrence's example, and thus participated vicariously in a number of important discoveries of new particles. The first was the η found at Johns Hopkins, by a group headed by Aihud Pevsner [69]. They analysed film from the 72 in. chamber, and found the η with a mass of + Within a few weeks of the discovery of 550 MeV, decaying into π π~π°.

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