Evaluating Public Relations: A Best Practice Guide to Public by Tom Watson, Paul Noble

By Tom Watson, Paul Noble

* Combines 'how to' suggestion, theoretical insights and interviews with PR leaders

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The key issue is to ensure that evaluation is undertaken against the criteria established in the objectives. Direct measurement, possibly in the form of market research, is likely to form part of the range of evaluation methodologies employed. Because the communications programme is continuous and long term, regular feedback from evaluation research can help fine-tune planning and implementation as well as measuring results. qxd 02/02/2005 11:05 am Page 25 Evaluation and communication psychology 6.

The aim of his paper was to offer a qualitative discussion of evaluation issues to the PRCA and so no statistical sample was developed on the actual use. In 2001, a study of UK marketing directors by Test Research found that only 28 per cent were satisfied with their public relations evaluation, compared with 67 per cent for advertising and 68 per cent for sales promotion. Managerial status will require research and evaluation that give firm evidence of contribution to the organization. Indeed, the IPR/CDF study recommends explicitly that: ‘The cost of PR measurement should be considered against the business case of what PR programmes can achieve rather than against the budget of the programmes themselves.

Qxd 02/02/2005 12:00 pm Page 43 Practitioner culture – why we do what we do evaluation to take place more frequently would prove a more convincing case when budgets are set. PRESSURES TO EVALUATE Without evidence of the effects of public relations communication, the decision to invest is based on belief. Decision-makers generally prefer measures and precedent to guesswork and assurance. Thus investment in public relations communication is threatened by decision-maker perceptions of lack of accountability.

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