Espinet & Ubach (Current Architecture Catalogues) by Oriol Bohigas

By Oriol Bohigas

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Language Change and Variation

The examine of language edition in social context maintains to carry the eye of a giant variety of linguists. This examine is promoted via the yearly colloquia on New methods of studying edition in English' (NWAVE). This quantity is a variety of revised papers from the NWAVE XI, held at Georgetown college.

Diachronic problems in phonosymbolism

Phonosymbolism, or sound symbolism (Lautsymbolik), is an important component of language progress. Many critical students, despite the fact that, have seemed it with embarrassment or indifference. A wary reintroduction of phonosymbolism as an element accountable for alterations passed through, in various levels, by way of such a lot languages may now appear to be so as.

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