Emotional Satisfaction of Customer Contacts (UvA by Huseyin Gungor

By Huseyin Gungor

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392-412). New York: Russel Sage Foundation. 42 Working Today: Exploring Employees’ Emotional Connection to Their Jobs. com accessed on 4/10/2003. 28 members experience negative moods, they may be more critical and discerning; whereas they may be more helpful to each other as well as to people outside the group when they experience positive moods (George (2002:189). Emotional culture of the organization refers to the dominant values, beliefs, assumptions, and norms regarding affective issues. It can be, in an organizational context or in a society, a tight culture in which rules and norms are present and enforced, or a loose culture in which norms are described in a wide range and deviant behavior is widely tolerated (Earley & Francis, 2002:378).

General satisfaction is thus the outcome of a learning 19 process where the customer learns from (or remembers) all previous transaction experiences over time. Anderson, Fornell and Lehman (1994:54)25 argue that ‘cumulative satisfaction’, rather than ‘transaction-specific satisfaction’, is a more fundamental indicator of the firm’s past, current, and future performance. Rust, Zahorik and Keiningham (1995:64) suggest that “there are good reasons to select either option” and argue that ‘cumulative focus’ better correlates with retention, but ‘transactional focus’ better reflects quality improvements and provides a more accurate picture of the current performance of the company.

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