Dictionary of Aviation by David Crocker

By David Crocker

This up to date dictionary of aviation and aeronautical English comprises greater than 9,500 phrases and is designed for these focusing on aviation and similar industries, together with trainee pilots, cabin crews, upkeep crews, floor employees, and different airline team of workers. excellent for execs, aviation fans, those people who are new to aviation, and people for whom English isn't really a primary language, this sensible reference beneficial properties transparent, basic definitions. pattern sentences, pronunciation publications, utilization publications, and supplementary details accompany not just simple phrases but additionally really expert technical vocabulary.

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Attendant /ə tendənt/ adjective accompanying something else ć Fuel spillage and attendant fire risk must be minimised. ˽ attendant problems associated problems í noun a person employed to help members of the public attention /ə tenʃən/ noun the ability or power to concentrate on something ć The crew’s attention is alerted by an automatic display. ˽ attention please listen carefully to what will be said ˽ pay attention listen to the speaker and concentrate on what is being said attenuate /ə tenjuet/ verb to lose power or strength ć A wave becomes attenuated or loses strength as range increases.

3. to be able to deal with something without becoming distressed or annoyed ć He can’t bear the noise. (NOTE: bearing – bore – borne) ˽ he can’t bear the heat the heat is too much for him bearing / beərŋ/ noun 1. the angle, measured in a clockwise direction, of a distant point, relative to a reference direction ć To plot a position line from the non-directional radio beacon, it is bayonet fitting beacon beam beam sharpening bear bearing first necessary to convert the relative bearing to a true bearing and then calculate the reciprocal.

Boarding pass / bɔ dŋ pɑ s/ noun a temporary pass, issued at the check-in desk, which allows the holder to board the aircraft ć Boarding passes must be shown at the gate. ) boarding steps / bɔ dŋ steps/ plural noun stairs used by passengers and boarding steps crew to get on board an aircraft ć Passengers had to wait in the aircraft for 15 minutes before the boarding steps were put in position. 30 hrs. body / bɒdi/ noun 1. the whole of a person or an animal 2. the main part of a person, but not the arms or legs 3.

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