Developments in Biophysical Research by F. Conti (auth.), Antonio Borsellino, Pietro Omodeo, Roberto

By F. Conti (auth.), Antonio Borsellino, Pietro Omodeo, Roberto Strom, Arnaldo Vecli, Enzo Wanke (eds.)

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However, this relation is no more linear at small values of r, when the release of ACh is not instantaneous. It can be 45 M. SCUKA " •E• ~ •• " - l5ms t ~ 10ml to- 5 ms " -, • lo g r Fig . 1 - Rise time (T max) of AGh-current evoked by varying the duration of transmitter release pulse (while the amplitude remained constant) versus distance of drug release . TIME COURSE OF MEMBRANE CONDUCTANCE CHANGE 47 noticed that the non-linear part of this relation highly depends on the release time of ACh. , The time course of cellular responses to iontophoretically applied drugs, J.

8. L. F. A quantitative description of membrane current and its application to conduction and excitation in nerve. Physiol. 117, 500-544 (1952). 9. Hille, B. Ionic selectivity of Na and K channels of nerve membranes. In: "Membranes: Lipid Bilayers and Biological Membranes: Dynamic Properties" (G. ), vol. 255-323, New York, Dekker, 1957. 10. M. B. The binding of saxitoxin and tetrodotoxin to excitable tissue. Pharmacol. 79, 1-50 (1977). 11. J. & Wanke, E. Potassium and sodium ion current noise in the membrane of the squid giant axon.

A. DAVIS 1976. Sensitivity of the sodium and potassium channels of Myxicola giant axons to changes in external pH; J. Gen. Physiol. 67: 185. WANKE 1978. Action of extracellular pH on Na+ and K+ membrane currents in the giant axon of Loligo Vulgaris. J. ~embr. BioI. 43:295. FISH~AN 1971. Evidence against hydrogencalcium competition model for activation of electrically excitable membranes. ) 233:16. S. EATON 1978. Sodium channel inactivation in squid axon is removed by high internal pH or tyrosine-specifi, reagents.

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