Defensive Living: Preserving Your Personal Safety Through by Ed Lovette

By Ed Lovette

Think a protective education advisor that has the informational firepower to maintain law enforcement officials secure offered in a manner that is useful to your relatives to take advantage of to guard themselves, too. jam-packed with 50+ yrs of well-deserved, expert-level LE & army education adventure, this treasure chest of self-help thoughts. study pre-attack indications: - domestic safeguard vs. domestic safeguard - 9 how you can ascertain self-protection readiness - the life-changing "X's & O's expertise Test."

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The situation may erupt so quickly that there is no time to consider other options (or they are inappropriate) and w e are forced to immediately resort to deadly force. W e need to be able to articulate this to our attorney. The force continuum helps guide us through this process. So on one end of the scale you have the limited no-contact responses (presence, eye contact, verbal warnings). In the middle are the less-than lethal options. I found an excellent explanation of w h e n these tools are to be used in a publication entitled The Pepper Spray Evaluation Project which w e will discuss in detail shortly.

Obviously, you use the same techniques on yourself that you would use on someone else. Given the response times in most jurisdictions w e would ideally like for you to b e able to stabilize yourself for about 15 minutes. The reality m a y be considerably longer. As the young officer walked up to the vehicle he had just pulled over there was no indication that this was anything other than a routine stop for a traffic violation. Although new to the department, he had done this many times, both with his field training officer and, more recently, on his own.

In the kitchen they encountered three individuals armed with AK-47's. They held the husband at gunpoint while taking rums with his wife. On a more upbeat note, one of m y favorite examples came from a crusty old N e w York police sergeant, now retired. He was explaining to m e h o w he and his partner spotted armed individuals. H o w people (who are carrying a concealed handgun) walk, how they react to the presence of a police officer, and how they pat or tug at their clothing are s o m e of the indicators street crime units nationwide use in high crime areas to get unauthorized firearms and their users off the street.

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