Deep Sea and Foreign Going: Inside Shipping, the Invisible by Rose George

By Rose George

There are 40,000 freighters at the seas. among them they convey approximately every little thing we consume, put on and paintings with. And but this huge international has remained mostly unexamined: it passes through out of sight for many people and, in the course of the 'flags of convenience' approach, its doubtful practices frequently slip lower than the radar of regulators. during this certain research, Rose George travels the excessive seas with their robust naval fleets, pirate gangs, and unlawful floating factories, and visits the ports and their land-bound dockworkers, tycoons, missionaries, stevedores, border regulate guards, and ship-spotters. She meets the beachcombers who tune the 10,000 boxes which are misplaced each year, the robots who're progressively exchanging human crews, and the environmentalists campaigning opposed to the tide of marine pollutants. Intrepid, educated and tenacious, George steers a convinced path in the course of the murky, character-rich waters of overseas transport.

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1 Introduction There are different energy sources and while some energy law is applicable to them all, there is also a distinct amount of energy law specific to different energy sources. If energy sources are considered in terms of a lifecycle of extraction, operation and waste treatment, it is generally at the operation level that there will be similar 44 3 Issues in Energy Law legislation. Further, within this operation, it is mainly just electricity legislation and regulation that will apply to all energy sources.

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