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D Coiled Tubine Drillinn Svsternq Coiled tubing rigs which continuously reel 1 to 2 in. diameter steel tubing into wells 3rc extensively used for working over oil and gas wells (Figure 2-54). I I ' - \ I r- Figure 3-54. Coiled Tubing Rig Coiled tubing rigs are used far various workover operations including 1) sc,ueeze cementing, 2) senling packen. 3) drilling and reaming, 4) stimulating wells, and 5 ) logging uld production testing with logging cables inside of the coiied tabs. y to push logging tools into high -le and horizontal wells, and S) provide a high-pressure conduit for squeeze cementing and stimulatiag wells.

And the significant increase in rotary speed. It should be noted that the motors tended to fail well before the drill bits wore out. The major deficiency of current downhole motor technology is surviving the hanh environment that exists at great depth. High temperatures and pressures are particularly hard on the stator material and the bearing assemblies. Improvements in these two sections of the motor assembly, coupled with increased udlization in the deep sections of wellbores could have a major impact on deep drilling economics.

A- Figure 3-19. , 1987)' Vel. 4 3-12 d T h e synthetic diamond improvemenB could k incorporated into a 'superbit' IS shown in Figure 3-20. A . c D U Y . I .... Y ) W m .. F . w Figure 3-20. , 1987)' As an alternative to sealing the bearing. ' Further advances in this y e a are expected Y new techniques of depositing diamond coatings (e& low-pressure plasma) become ~vailable. With steady improvemenu being obtained in both drag bit and roller-cone bit design. 3 debate has developed as to which method of rock desuna'on (drag or norma!

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