Curly Like Me: How to Grow Your Hair Healthy, Long, and by Teri LaFlesh

By Teri LaFlesh

I am fairly having fun with this publication. even if my hair remains to be regularly secure, i will be able to see a distinction in my roots. it's not that i am biracial, yet i am researching that my roots are wavy. i cannot wait until eventually i will begin doing the twist outs on my ordinary hair!

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Humidity no longer mattered, nor did wind or rain. This, it turned out, was the final puzzle piece I’d been missing. Now I no longer spend hours frustrated and trying to “fix” my hair and then many more hours attempting to undo whatever terrible thing I’ve done to “fix” it in the first place. At night, I simply twist it into a bun or a braid, and in the morning I take it down and style it in a couple of minutes. After a weekly combing, the rest of the week I might spend one to ten minutes a day on it, at the most.

Every strand of your hair is covered five to ten shingles deep, much like the shingles of a roof (if that roof happened to have five to ten layers of shingles, that is). The shingles of the cuticle look like transparent, overlapping scales. You’re going against all of those millions of microscopic scales that cover all the strands of your hair. 27 28 Curly Like Me When these scales are intact and lying against one another, your hair looks shiny. When the cuticle is damaged by rough towel drying, shampooing, perming, frequent or rough brushing, backcombing, or burning with flatirons, the scales are roughed up and torn off.

Why Your Hair Acts Differently When Wet When your hair gets wet, your tighter curls might seem to relax and your hair seems longer. Your hair is also more vul- G e t t o K n o w Yo u r C u r l s nerable at this time. What does water do to your hair to make it change, and why is it that water can undo the very style that it helped set? Wet Hair I used to find it so frustrating when I was younger and wore my hair texturized. I believed it looked so much better when it was wet because my curls were defined then.

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