Core Maths GCSE by Geoff Buckwell (auth.)

By Geoff Buckwell (auth.)

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This research ebook is an aide in case you have to excellent their realizing in Percents. ebook 1 covers percentage techniques. structure: PaperbackPublisher: Key Curriculum PressISBN: 0-913684-57-0

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What would it cost in £ sterling? A tourist has 63 francs left at the end of his holidays. Use your graph to find how much it would be worth if all of it was changed to £ sterling. (b) (c) 58. The table shows part of a conversion chart from inches into decimals. inches ('? 747 inches ('? " in millimetres; (ii) ti" as a decimal; (iii) 1" in millimetres; (iv) the nearest fraction of an inch to 171mm. B. The current exchange rate between the Spanish peseta and the £ is £1 = 160 pesetas. On the graph below, draw a conversion graph to represent this information, and use it to find: (i) £40 in pesetas; (ii) 500 pesetas in pounds; (iii) 2 million pesetas in pounds.

They are read alternately anticlockwise and clockwise. The reading = 84557 old reading 82946 1611 units have been used. WIIIKEII EDlIN Z5 The diagram shows the temperature gauge on a domestic oven. Estimate the temperature shown. I'~OO Degrees Fahrenheit I-I 260' I I 320 I I 380 I 440 . " " " , You have to be careful with awkward scales. Each division here is 30°F. The arrow is about! of the way along. 8 x 30 = 24. The temperature is hence 260 + 24 = 284°P. '::>~ ~Ci I ~e I 438 1 (i) (ii) How far is it from Liverpool to Carlisle?

P). T. 5%, SO ::: 10 7p. A. T ::: @ . 100 X 107::: 18p. 25. 24 Topic: percentage differences wtIRKEDEXAIII'LE2' 4111 Joan was asked to cut lim from a piece of '2 by l' timber. When she measured the piece cut, she found it was only 145 cm long. What percentage error had she made? _UTIli. The difference from the correct answer = 150 - 145 = Scm. 3% % Topic: percentage changes _KED EXAIII'LE 22 A rectangle measures 8 ern by 6 ern, The length of the longest side is increased by 10%, and the length of the shortest side is increased by 20%.

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