Conversations at Work: Promoting a Culture of Conversation by Tim Baker

By Tim Baker

Organizations are approximately conversations. For any association to accomplish its targets, humans have to have interaction and people interactions require discussion and dialog. but, due to expertise, we appear to be having fewer actual conversations. This booklet seeks to alter this, via "how to abilities" and wider cultural switch advice.

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Briefly, the nine barriers are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Inattention during conversations. Restricted information channels. Lack of feedback. A culture of not asking questions. Too much formality. Overreliance on email. Lack of role models. A fear of emotion. Physical office lay-out. There are undoubtedly more barriers to consider. But these nine are the main barriers that discourage conversations in our opinion. Removing – or at least managing – these nine barriers is important to enhancing the quality of organizational communication between people.

However, Jerry, one of Travis’s team members, has a fairly traditional attitude about the employment relationship. Jerry holds the view that it is the manager’s responsibility to make decisions; after all, in his mind, that is what the boss gets paid to do. Further, Jerry sees his role as getting on and doing what has been asked of him by the boss, in this case Travis. As a result of these conflicting expectations, Jerry views conversations and open dialogue with Travis as unnecessary and even a waste of time.

This creates a paradox. Employees who are not given responsibility never become responsible. The fewer people who take on responsibility, the greater the burden of accountability that falls on the shoulders of the manager. This process reinforces and perpetuates the “them and us” relationship paradigm. However, in reality, managers can disappoint and employees can surprise others by their initiative and enterprise. Against the backdrop of a less predictable and stable marketplace, and of the increasing need for adaptability and innovation, the answer to resolving this dilemma would seem fairly obvious.

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