Contemporary sociolinguistics : theory, problems, methods by Aleksandr D. Švejcer

By Aleksandr D. Švejcer

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This was noted by the West-German scholar W. Wilgden in his paper at the 8th World Sociological Congress. In his opinion, the theoretical platform of the ethnomethodologists is much closer to Wittgenstein's philosophy than J. R. Searle's speech act theory expressly oriented toward this philosophy (Searle 1969). This is manifested, among other things, in the fact that Searle devotes his empirical study of speech almost exclusively to an analysis of meanings, explicated in speech, whereas ethnomethodology, following Witt­ genstein, considers language a very imperfect realization of thought (for a criti­ que of L.

The concept of social symbolism may be successfully applied to sociolinguistic studies, provided, of course, it is placed in its proper perspective in a broad sociological context. 38 CONTEMPORARY SOCIOLINGUISTICS 6. Ehtnomethodology and its relation to sociolinguistics Another major sociolinguistic trend, interacting with a number of foreign sociolinguistic schools and exerting a certain amount of influence upon them, is ethnomethodology. As may be seen from its very name, it is closely associated with ethnography and, to some extent, uses an ethnographic approach to a study of social pheno­ mena.

Bernstein attemps to establish oneto-one relations between the dichotomy of these codes and the class structure of society which he reduces to the opposition middle class: working class. The restricted code, he maintains, is the code of the working class or, at any rate, its lower strata, a code oriented towards the maintenance of social contact and the expression of social solidarity, while the elaborated code is the code of the middle class and, possibly, the upper strata of the working class, a code oriented towards self-expression and interpersonal communication.

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