Clover Adams: A Gilded and Heartbreaking Life by Natalie Dykstra

By Natalie Dykstra

The hidden tale of 1 of the main attention-grabbing ladies of the Gilded Age

Clover Adams, a fiercely clever Boston Brahmin, married at twenty-eight the soon-to-be-eminent American historian Henry Adams. She thrived in her function as an intimate of strength agents in Gilded Age Washington, the place she used to be well-known for her wit and flavor by way of such luminaries as Henry James, H. H. Richardson, and normal William Tecumseh Sherman. Clover so in actual fact possessed, as one pal wrote, “all she sought after, all this international may perhaps give.”

Yet on the heart of her tale is a haunting secret. Why did Clover, having all started within the spring of 1883 to catch her international vividly via images, finish her existence below 3 years later by way of consuming a chemical developer she utilized in the darkroom? the main to the secret lies, as Natalie Dykstra’s looking account makes transparent, in Clover’s pictures themselves.

The aftermath of Clover’s loss of life is both compelling. Dykstra probes Clover’s enduring recognition as a girl betrayed. And, so much movingly, she untangles the advanced, poignant — and common — truths of her shining and very unlikely marriage.

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