Ciba Foundation Symposium 201 - The Origins and Consequences

This quantity examines weight problems problems which can result in diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperlipidaemia. It bargains an interdisciplinary and foreign examine all facets of the origins, outcomes and therapy of weight problems.


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THE CARIBBEAN 29 FraJer: Barbadians have the longest life expectancy out of these three countries. There is some preliminary evidence to suggest that for both the Trinidadians and Barbadians the increase in life expectancy has plateaued. Shaper: Diabetes is common in obese or overweight East Africans, but because people in this community have a low fat diet, they have a relatively low level of blood cholesterol and there is virtually no CHD. This suggests that diet is an important factor that influences which obesity-related complications develop.

Of these, obesity is one of the major risk factors for chronic WILKS ET AL 44 A 25 20 15 Oh 10 5 0 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ B 50 I 40 30 % 20 10 0I I I I I 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ Age group (Y) FIG. 2. The percentage of obese males (A) and females (B) by age group (years)in countries of the African diaspora. r, rural; u, urban. 9) St. 5) St. ). diseases (such as hypertension and diabetes). Both hypertension and obesity are multifactorial syndromes that are influenced by genetic predisposition and environmental interaction.

However, the blood pressure data of 1974, which were obtained using the World Health Organization 160/95 mmHg criteria, gave a slightly higher prevalence, although there was a much lower proportion of subjects treated. F e r r o - L q ~ iI: was interested in Rainford Wilks' comment that there was a decrease in BMI in the older age groups of both sexes. Could you tell me what was the mean age of this older age group? PEOPLES OF THE AFRICAN DIASPORA 49 W i k : I don’t know the mean age, but the oldest people in this age category were 74 years old.

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