Ciba Foundation Symposium 125 - Junctional Complexes of

Epithelial cells disguise the outer and internal surfaces of the physique, forming a selective polarized barrier among the intercellualar house and the 'external' global. Linking the cells of this non-stop layer and contributing to epithelial association and serve as are really expert membrane domains--desmosomes, hole junctions, and occluding junctions. The individuals to this multidisciplinary symposium quantity discover the character of such junctional constructions, concentrating on the molecular association and variety in their constituent proteins, their formation and keep watch over, and interactions with ions and cytoskeletal parts. The physiological value of cell-cell interplay in epithelia is taken into account, as regards to phone adhesion, barrier formation and intercellular communique, and to the useful implications for tissue structure, embryonic improvement, morphogenesis and carcinogenesis.


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1). 10. Lanes 3-9, autoradiographs showing the immunoblot reaction with this antibody on polypeptides of cytoskeletal fractions from various bovine cells and tissues: snout epidermis (lane 3), tongue mucosa (lane 4), bladder urothelium (lane 5), cultured mammary epithelial cells of lines BMGE+H (lane 6) and BMGE-H (lane 7), kidney epithelial cell cultures of line MDBK (lane 8; for references o n cell lines see Cowin et a1 1985b) and heart tissue (lane 9). Note that in all lanes the reaction occurs with a polypeptide of M , about 165 000, which appears as a single band comigrating with snout desmosomal band 3.

The work has been supported in part by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. REFERENCES Bloch RJ. Hall W Z 1983 Cytoskeletal components of the vertebrate neuromuscular junction: vinculin, a-actinin, and filamin. J Cell Biol 97:217-223 42 FRANKE ET AL Boller K, Vestweber D , Kemler R 1985 Cell-adhesion molecule uvomorulin is localized in the intermediate junctions of adult intestinal epithelial cells. J Cell Biol 100:327332 Cohen SM, Gorbsky G , Steinberg MS 1983 Immunochemical characterization of related families of glycoproteins in desmosomes.

Such recognition and binding, in desmosomes as well as in other cell adhesion mechanisms, is likely to be highly specific at the molecular level. Many theoretical views of cell adhesion have suggested that cell adhesion is also specific to cell types. In other words, cells of any one type were hypothesized to possess cell adhesion mechanisms that were exclusively their own and incapable of interacting with those of other cell types. However, certain cell * Present address: Department of Pure and Applied Biology, Imperial College ai Silwood Park, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7PY.

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