Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work--And Why by Peter Shankman

By Peter Shankman

This enjoyable and pleasant publication appears at real-life PR stunts that would blow your brain and encourage you to boost leading edge and artistic how one can get your organization spotted. PR guru Peter Shankman chronicles the main ridiculous, outrageous, and probably loopy PR stunts of all time—explaining why a few paintings and others don’t. this can be a humorous, insightful consultant to successful the PR online game.

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Ask any public relations professional over 50, and he or she will tell you—it used to be a lot easier. You wrote a press release when you had real news. ). ) put it in an envelope, addressed and stamped the envelope, and then dropped it in the mailbox. ) But that’s what you did. And the reporter would get it, and read it, and either print it straight, or get back to you with questions. Then faxes came along. Then email. Now, any idiot with an idea can buy a list and send out a press release to 10,000 journalists in 14 seconds, the majority who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in your so-called news.

Nothing makes someone put a block on your email quicker than a pointless email, and nothing causes someone to not want to talk to you again quicker than being boring and repetitive. 5. Have fun, and help someone out when you can. Karma is strong, especially in PR, an industry where you have nothing until a reporter, editor, or producer gives you something. To understand this concept a bit better, let’s take our five headlines again, and reread them. Perhaps we’ll even change them around a little bit.

Now add to that the following scenario: Every third phone call is from someone asking to order a pizza. Or perhaps wanting information about a new car purchase. Or maybe looking to book a flight to Los Angeles. Would kinda drive you crazy, huh? Unfortunately, that’s what reporters deal with from clueless PR professionals on a daily basis. They get email after email, dealing with exactly what they DON’T cover. Why would they give you the time of day? If they’re really nice and not too swamped, they’ll email you telling exactly how much of an idiot you really are, and exactly how you should go about never, ever contacting them again.

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