BSD UNIX toolbox : 1000+ commands for FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and by Chris Negus; François Caen

By Chris Negus; François Caen

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FreeBSD Ports Collection. You are asked if you want to install the FreeBSD ports collection (except not with a minimal install). If you have the required 400MB of space available, say yes. It will help you add software in the future. 8. Choose install media. Options include CD/DVD, FTP server, FTP Passive (server though a firewall), HTTP (FTP via an HTTP proxy), DOS partition, NFS (network file system), File System (local hard disk partition), Floppy (set of floppies), and Tape (SCSI or QIC). 9.

When you install the ports collection, it is stored in the /usr/ports directory. From there, you can run a few simple commands to build selected applications from source code and install them on your system. In general, installing packages from the ports collection is generally preferred by more expert users. That’s because building from source code offers opportunities for checking the code, modifying it to work efficiently for your uses, and incorporating the latest patches. When you first installed FreeBSD, you were given the opportunity to install the ports collection.

It also provides detailed examples of commands just mentioned for managing software after installation. html. From that page, you can find where to purchase FreeBSD CDs or DVDs. com), with or without the FreeBSD handbook. qxd:Toolbox 3/29/08 10:41 AM Page 14 Chapter 2: Installing FreeBSD and Adding Software You can also learn where to download free ISO images for supported FreeBSD architectures from the Getting FreeBSD page. Supported architectures include: Intel i386, Alpha/AXP, AMD 64-bit (Athalon64, Athlon64-FX or Opteron), ia64, PowerPC, and Sparc64.

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