Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra by Maharshi Parasara

By Maharshi Parasara

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Wilt be the expiredportion of the Dasa. By deduct' ing the;;rnfrom the total number of years, is obtained the balanceof Dasa at birth. Note : In modernterminology we mentionthe longitudeof the planets in rasi. -degreesand minutes. The 'minutes' are kalas. Example: Supposethat at the time of birth of a person in Krittika nakshatia the longitude of the Moon (Chandra Spast-*a rctz) is ll4l5D. This convertedinto kalaswill be 2090. Divide by 800 the kalas of one nakshatra the resultwill be the 2nd nakshatra namely Bharini and the remainderwill be 490.

House. If the sign be a beneficone, the good effects are realised in full. If it be a malefic sign adverse resultsare alsoexPerienced. Being blessed with wife and children, favours from Government,enjoyment of sound health, good relations with friends, achievemc-,tof fame, good progress in the educationalsphere, patience and valour, are the efrectsof the Chakra Dasa of the sign in the fifth house. If the signbe a beneficone the goodresults are enjoyedin full. If the signbe a malefic one, adverseeffectsare also experienced.

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