Biofeedback & Somatics: Toward Personal Evolution by Eleanor Criswell

By Eleanor Criswell

This publication offers a beginning for knowing biofeedback and somatics and gives feedback for designing courses for your self or others.

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Dependent variables include paper and pencil tests, global observations by trained judges, psychophysiological measures, projective tests, interviews, etc. A simple research design includes: ROl R03 x 02 (experimental group) 04 (control group) This means that the groups are randomly (R) assigned to the experimental and control groups. Then they are observed using the selected approach to measuring the dependent variable. In the case of biofeedback training, the dependent variable may be baseline data on a particular biofeedback modality such as electromyograph (EMG) fLV level and/or symptom occurrence measures.

An anxiety response that concerns a distinct target is known as a phobia. It is great fun to work with a client, systematically combing through his or her life to desensitize the areas that have limited his or her freedom and flexibility. In a less systematic approach, the client can use EDR to monitor arousing experiences and spend some time during a session practicing managing his or her body in a different manner. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders Biofeedback has been used with obsessive-compulsive disorders.

Labile hypertension is high blood pressure that fluctuates over time. If there is no structural cause for hypertension, then the individual may be able to learn how to control it. How is this possible? When the sympathetic nervous system is dominant, impulses go out along the SNS pathways, causing constriction of the peripheral blood vessels-contracting the smooth muscles of the blood vessels. This causes a redirection of blood flow from the peripheral blood vessels to those serving the brain and muscles.

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