World Thought Police by Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

By Tomas Schuman (Yuri Bezmenov)

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Place, Commonality and Judgment: Continental Philosophy and the Ancient Greeks

During this vital and hugely unique publication, position, commonality and judgment give you the framework during which works significant to the Greek philosophical and literary culture are usefully situated and reinterpreted. Greek lifestyles, it may be argued, was once outlined by means of the interconnection of position, commonality and judgment.

Lebenswelt oder Natur. Schwacher Naturalismus und Naturbegriff bei Jürgen Habermas

In seinen neueren Veröffentlichungen tritt Jürgen Habermas immer wieder als prominenter Kritiker von Naturalismus und Szientismus auf. Er will die kommunikative Vernunft vor ihrer Reduktion auf die instrumentelle bewahren, ohne dabei hinter die Voraussetzungen dessen zurückzufallen, was once er nachmetaphysisches Denken nennt.

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Kumaraswami Kamaraj, an outstanding member of the Indian National Congress Party and an opponent of Indira Gandhi's faction, came to Moscow . The Kremlin wanted to cultivate him, as he might win the intra-party struggle for leadership and become the prime minister . On July 30, Novosti and Foreign Affairs staged a marvelous farce in the grand hall of the Metropol Hotel . The Indian guest pretended not to notice that "media representatives" asked him only questions which already contained answers, and most of the answers were in favor of Soviet foreign policy .

Also I have a strong allergy to classical paintings and daycare centers . - 35 COLLABORATORS : WHO ARE THEY? R . agent of APN-KGB would fail to plant disinformation in the foreign media unless he were assisted by the foreign collaborators . Ideological subversion, it was explained to me by my KGB supervisors, is always a two-way street . The effectiveness of Soviet propaganda depends at least 50% on the generous aid of Novosti's foreign collaborators . The phenomenon of collaboration with the Soviet ideological "active measures" affects a wide variety of personalities, regardless of their nationality, ethnic and cultural background, education, level of intelligence, political ideas and affiliations, or social and class origins .

Together with our boss, comrade Makhotin, Darshan concocted weekly a gossip column entitled "Letter from Moscow," based on regular Agitprop material, sometimes simply borrowed from Pradva editorials . Using his old connections with several respectable large-circulation newspapers in India, such as Amrita Bazaar Patrika (Calcutta) or a number of Punjabi papers, Darshan Singh established a lively traffic in propaganda, using Novosti teleprinter facilities, photographic services, and even our typists and stenographers .

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