Beauty from the Inside and Out 2011 by Rebecca Wright

By Rebecca Wright

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Our fruits and vegetables are Full Spectrum extracted in pure, natural water, resulting in a clean, balanced, nutrient dense, efficacious extract powder, which is also water soluble/dispersible and carrier-free. As part of our “Seed to Drum” process, our extracts undergo rigorous analytical testing for constituent assay (HPLC, HPTLC, UV), moisture, bulk density, heavy metals (USP methods), pesticides, and microbiological plate counts. We lead the botanical extracts industry in purity with plate counts that are often many times lower than our competitors.

Ingredients N Natural, exotic raching found in the fa e re h. corners of th eart 32 Beauty from the Inside & Out The Beauty-Food Connection and repair free radical damage. It also combats signs of photoaging. Vitamin D, the so-called sunshine vitamin, is poised to become the nutrient of the decade. It can be obtained by exposing skin to ultraviolet radiation as well as through fortified drinks like milk, soy milk, some juices, oily fish like salmon, bluefish, catfish, sardines, tuna and fish oils.

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